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We now have a complete library of various-syled player profiles available for our poker bots, including more than 2 dozen for our Holdem Bot alone. We chose 6 good ones to come with the download, but access to our full Additional Profiles library is available for all our customers. In addition, a handful of member-created profiles are usually offered for sale on a marketplace channel in our support community.

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New Cash & MTT Profiles: ModernMike

We decided It was time to create a profile with a modern-game approach, since so many players now use GTO charts. Good thing we did. You really should try these! 

Thousands of logged hands reviewed resulting in hundreds of new situational plays
Modern open-raise sizing, 3-betting, flop C-betting, and blind vs. blind play
Increased check-raising and improved post-flop heads up battles
 Both cash and MTT versions now available in our Additional Profiles library

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New SNG Profile: TheFixer

We worked with a 1-table specialist in an effort to create a flawless SNG robot. The results were impressive, to say the least. If 1-table SNGs are your thing, you need to see TheFixer in action.

 Aggressive 3-Bet pushing thresholds to apply perfect ICM pressure
Optimized bubble play code 
Near-perfect stack size management for 1-table tournaments
 Now comes with the Holdem Bot download

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"ModernMike cash is the best aggressive profile you guys have made to date. It is beating everyone at my micro stakes tables so far, with a very high EVBB/100."


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"I used TheFixer in 5 SNGs today and not only did it cash at 4/5 tables, it took 1st place at all 4 tables."


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"Loving ModernMike MTT. It got me very deep in a large event after building a large stack in the middle stages. I probably should have just let it finish the final table for me, LOL."


Other Popular Profiles

Little Green

Based on Phil Gordon's book, Little Green pushes on the flop with draws and strong hands alike -- often putting your opponents on tilt when it hits a draw. Best at tables with relatively low turnover. Comes in the bot download.

Wild Bill

This is a deviously designed half-stack profile that plays borderline-maniac until its stack reaches 150 BBs, where it abruptly tightens up -- but the villains, of course, do not know that. We have come back and seen it up 15x the buy-in on occasion. Wild Bill can also play tournaments, and is good at double and triple-ups. Comes in the bot download.

Tom Profiles

Using semi-modern tactics, the Tom profile suite is a 6-max cash game specialist with 5 variations: Tight, Timid, Trapper, Ticky, and Tyrant. The most popular among our community seem to be TrapperTom and TyrantTom. All 5 are availble in our Additional Profiles library.

Default Profile Info

The underlying default profile in the Holdem Bot is a traditional TAG-style player, a bit on the conservative side, and can be played by itself. One of our members once graphed results of over 200,000 hands in NL2 games. Based on those hands Poker Edge, a popular player-stat tracking tool, rated our base cash profile as a shark to be avoided.

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