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What competitive products? As far as we know, after ten years ours is still the only independently-created poker bot software that includes its own easy-instruction language. Beware of buying inferior programs based on open-source platforms, which are essentially just charging outrageous prices for profiles (most of which were originally stolen from our forum).

A profile is a saved set of playing instructions, usually in an easily-editable text file. A handful of good profiles are included in our bot downloads, which can be selected or swapped with a click of your mouse. Dozens of additional profiles are available in our library, including some created by members of our community, most of which are free and several which are sold in our public Marketplace.

Everyone seems to have their own favorites. The best profile is, then, probably one you tweak to your liking. This is very easy to do by simply editing an existing profile using an intuitive command structure we invented for the bot, called PPL. Detailed instructions for this are included. It is much, much easier than trying to learn a programming language! There is also an underlying safety net default programming that can take over when needed (which took over three years to develop).

Most of our supported sites have long histories of not bothering us. This is especially true if you do not leave the bot playing longer than 12 hours at a time. One or two of our current platforms at one time or another made a lazy effort to detect our software, but for those we provide simple extra stealth measures in our setup instructions which work. Those platforms are not confiscating funds and only sending a friendly email if they detect it. We do not maintain support for any "serious" bot-unfriendly sites or platforms.

Up to six at a time, but you should gauge the performance on your PC yourself as you add more tables. Some systems perform better with more tables (on specific sites) than others. The majority of customers can multi-table at least 4 tables with no reduction in performance.

Yes, but we are happy to move it for you upon request as often as you need. If you wish to license additional PCs for simultaneous use, contact us for a discount.

second place winner

Unassisted 2nd Place in the $25K GTD for $910

bot win

KGB Profile takes down the $2400 1st Place prize

poker tournament

$640 2nd Place won by the bot in the $10K GTD

wild bill winning

Wild Bill profile up over 9x its buy-in at a cash table

freeroll win

Another freeroll cash for our bot

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